Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Papierhouse Challenge

is to use the colour Yellow... and Yellow here i come....
A simple one this time... there is a little birdie at the bottom right hand corner of the photo with the word beautiful just next to its' beak. It's perfect for this beautiful girl...

It's tuesday already and the weather is quite cool so far..How have you been doing? Hope things are looking great in whatever you do on your side. 
I am proud to say that my girl has taken interest in cooking and she has prove herself that she can do it if she wants. Over the last weekend, i made her to cook a dish. It's not that simple for a beginner but i gave it a shot, i wanted her to try and she made me proud....
 Come let's take a look at her skills.. Not bad huh, 
for a first timer...... 
You go girl!

And here's her Delicious Fish Curry

Believe me it was really nice and  of course for a beginner i did help her with the ingredients here and there. I'm so proud of her. In the end i told her that if she puts in all her heart into doing something, God Willing she can accomplish it. In another words if there's a will there's a way. I'm very concerned on her academic level as well(which mother doesn't). She is weak in certain subjects like Math and Science. For Science she is reading a lot on references and notes given from school and as for numbers we have gotten her a good tutor, an (ex-teacher) and hopefully she will do us proud in her academic level as well. She is putting in  lots of efforts doing revision and studying. Everyday i made her practice her numbers. She obliged without complaining.

It is very stressful at times, but i always tell her to hang on till the exams are over. When she is stressed i'm stressed too 
(shh.. i have scrapbooking to help me to destressed) 
but than again 
No Pain No Gain.

Anyways thank you so much for coming by my humble blog..
Stay Happy Always (it helps you to stay younger)
Love Always
Creative Momma :)


Edleen said...

Shamma, i'm sure Sajiah will do well :) and her fish curry looks so delicious!!!

that's a really cute Yellow layout you did! Thanks for playing :)

enjoy the week!

laliibhai said...

curry look nice. i missed my mum cook

laliibhai said...

wah the curry look nice. it make me hungry. i missed my mum cook