Friday, December 18, 2009

Very Good Morning

and Happy Friday to all. Hope you have a fine start to your morning. 

I will be taking a two weeks break from here. No i'm not going for holidays (i wish i am), I will be going for an op and will have to admit myself in the hospital by noon today. This was a very difficult decision that i had to make and i would like to thank all of you who have given me the encouragement and support  to go for it and i really appreciate that. The stay will be about 3 days if not more. I hope to have a speedy recovery and would appreciate if you could keep me in your prayers. 
Since i won't be able to blog for the next week or so, 
I am leaving you with this cute Tatty Bear wishing you....

May each day of your Christmas be filled with peace and
may God's love light your way
through the New Year
Merry Christmas to all

With Love
Creative Momma

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I simply love this....

Thanks Julie your sketches have always been wonderful..

For 52 sketches 52 weeks
Sketch #50

And this is my take...
Unfortunately, 52 sketches are left with only 2 more sketches to reach 52 weeks and that marks the end of 2009. I have truly enjoyed all of Julie's sketches and doing it has been wonderful so far...
Anyways, how have you been doing? I met up with a lovely lady just the other day over at our LSS (MWL) whom i have been wanting to meet. She is so talented and i've always admired her work. Her page is always very lovely and always so stunning.  Even though we never chat for so long, it was nice to meet someone who has the same passion as you. Thank you P for your time. I really appreciate that. I have not been blogging for quite awhile and I'm sure for those of you who has been following my blog will notice that. No reason actually, just thought that i should be finishing up with all my undone page, getting my things organised especially my stash that is "screaming" at me to clean them up. Clearing up my wardrobe and spending all my time with my kids.. So with all these taking up almost all my time, i hope to complete at least another page or two before closing 2009.

Talking about 2009, its almost coming to an end.. Let me ponder for awhile what 2009 has brought me before i post my next entry. As of now maybe the beginning of 2009 has been a smooth sailing in every aspect of my life not until when an unexpected "tsunami" came storming at my direction the last few months. Anyways, i believe, in life everything cannot be so smooth all the time, there need to be some rocky patches here and there to spice up your life a little.
Goodnight everyone...
Thanks For Coming
See you soon....
Creative Momma

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Weaving Basket

Hi everyone, how have your days been so far? Hope everything is going on well and you are in the pink of health. I did a weaving basket of flowers and i really enjoyed doing it.....

 My Mini Farm
My Pinky elephant and my Sweety Cow
Aren't they cute?
Just in case you are wondering these are cards....

Here's announcing a new kid on the block...
Another place to shop.....

@ Siglap Centre

Our Craft Place is having 20% discount on all items till end of December. Do drop by and visit the store. There are so many things to see and so many more to add to our stash.  A very cozy and a very pretty shop. I was truly appreciative and overwhelmed when J approached me and offer me to teach craft classes here in OCP. I am so thankful to her and  i am proud to say that i am the Designer for OCP and will soon be helping her here. What can i say, anything to do with papers and scrapbooking related, i'm all in for it. Thanks J for believing in me. 

This is not scrapbooking related but since i'm posting so why not... 
Sometimes i wonder why we do what we do and why is it so difficult to make a decision in life. I am stuck into making a decision about myself. I am given two choices to make and i have to decide between these two as to which is best for me. It is difficult and i have to make my choice quick and fast. I can't convinced myself and that is making it more difficult. I hope and pray that God will guide me through. I will get an answer soon......but for now i'm still pondering.
So have you ever get stuck in a situation like that? I believe all we need to do is Pray because God Listen.

Back to scrapbooking... i have not been doing a page because i am mojoless. I am trying to do another mini album and have been doing many Christmas cards, so a page layout have to be a little on hold. Will definitely find my mojo back again..
In the meantime, stay healthy and happy always.

Thanks For Coming By
Creative Momma

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Mini Album

i am so happy that it turned out to be so nice despite me doing it for the first time..

Presenting you my first mini album...
Here it is......

A calendar for a friend

Supplies :
La Creme Matstock 
Prima Flower & Embellishment
Fabric Butterfly
Lace & Buttons

Saj got all geared up and inspired and did one for herself..
This is hers...

Thanks For Looking
Happy Friday
Creative Momma

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye November, Hello December....

Today is first day of December and of all you know, Christmas will be here in no time and we will all celebrate New Year again with all the good wishes for 2010. But for now, and all the challenges in store for December it's really a jolly good time to share in the spirit of giving, sharing and loving...

For Pink Sketches
(this time its a card sketch for Christmas)

Over @ Ed's Sketch Got Stamp
Sketch for December

And here's mine...

Come and join in the fun..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have send in all their best wishes to Saj for her PSLE . She has done well and is very happy with her results. Hope she will get into the choice of her school. Initially SOTA was her choice but decided that music band is not really what she wanted. She loves music, but to face it for six years in SOTA she wasn't ready for that. She was given the DSA (Direct School Admission) form by her music instructor when SOTA was having their admission exercise, but after much consideration, we have to reject because it is not to her best interest. Ultimately the decision is still hers. When she is happy all of us will be happy for her. Now, the choice of secondary school will be released on December 22nd. She's keeping her finger cross. Going into secondary school will be another chapter in her life. Hope she will do just fine...

Ok back to me.. Do you love doing minis? Like mini booklet, mini album? what else mini in scrapbooking do we have? Oh well, i decided to do a mini album yesterday and believe me this damn thing took me almost 4 hours to complete!!! My very very first attempt... Yes i'm a first timer when comes to minis :) Guess what?..I'm seriously falling in love with mini album. After completing it at close to 10pm yesterday night, i thought to myself, hey that's not that bad after all, and I'm sure going to do many more albums soon..

Here's a Sneak

My first attempt
My very first mini album

Thanks for Looking
Hope you have a Great Tuesday ahead
Creative Momma