Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharing with you
some of my mini album pages i did last week....

I just love the softness and the peacefulness of the colors. Somehow it reflects us at this moment... i hope you know what i mean :)

As promised, here is a very interesting conversation which i hats off to.
Let's enjoy reading....

And this is the final....

Kudos to this... thumbs UP....
I always believe that its important to be a Good Human Being first before you put religion above self....
Anyways, hope this is a food for thought...
Hope you have a good start to your morning
and have a great week ahead....
Creative Momma

Thank you so much for coming into my little cyber world
Thanks For Looking

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beautiful cooling weather today...
I captured this dark cloud from my kitchen view and not long after that, it started to rain. How nice to be able to appreciate and take time to look at the clouds and appreciate the greeneries around us. I wonder how many of us take time to do do such little things. I know i did :)

Just simply love the view here.

Here's a sneaky peeky on my mini album i did...

I'm afraid blogger has gone crapy again. It just refuse to upload my images and left we waiting like a fool, while the screen shows, your image is being uploaded to blogger but it never did!!! Argh.... this is frustrating. But luckily i have something to share rather than nothing at all. Well i actually have a very interesting article that i really really want to share and i hope blogger get well soon. It's not scrapbooking related, it's a dialogue between a Brazilian theologist and Dalai Lama. How i wish i can share now, but than again there is always next time right?

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful cooling weather
Have a great day ahead.
Creative Momma

Monday, June 14, 2010

Very good morning everyone :)
Hope you are having a fine start to this brand new day on this brand new week. May you have a beautiful days ahead. So, where have i been missing in action? Nothing so exciting has been happening its just that the puter has been sick and I can't seem to upload my photos in here. For that reason, i too take a little short break from blogging. I've not been good i know that but once in awhile i just need that break and than come back again in force. lol
Ok, i hope you have been doing great in scrapping and enjoying the process of creating and having fun.
I did these two pages for Creative Scrapper. These were done quite sometime last week, but like i said, the stupid puter got sick so i can't upload. Anyways... here's my pages.....

Creative Scrapper

That's little Keeven.... my friend's son.. So cute and adorable....


Sorry about that... the photo is a bit dark here, nevertheless, i love this page
Love the vintagey feel and that corner charm is my favorite at the moment....

Love binds
everything together
in perfect harmony

Thanks for Looking
Take Care
Creative Momma

I'm working on a mini album now... will share with you when it's ready for show...