Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Holiday....
to all and for my Buddhist friends out there...Happy Vesak Day :) Today is a Pubic Holiday here in Singapore. Those who are working are getting their day off to chill with families and friends. Just like us, we will be chilling out at Orchard Road later part of the day. The Great Singapore Sale is officially starting today so we are going to browse and shop. How nice to be able to spend time with loved ones. So how's your day going to be like today? Hope you will have a great time chillin'.

I managed to complete this page and i think i love this clean clean look.
Here's a page for Abhi...

This is also for Creative Scrapper

Thanks for Looking
Have a lovely Friday
Creative Momma

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's not easy
to get that creative juice flowing again, but thank goodness it didn't take me that much longer to get started. I think if i did not push myself to create now. i would probably be sitting on my stash and papers the next month or so. Ok whatever it is, without much ado, here's a page for me, i did this to inspire myself more. I love love love the embellishments. Thanks to OCP (Our Craft Place) for bringing it in. I just can't get enough.

That's me @ 36

Here's a page for Keeven when he was a baby...
Shhh.... he's sleeping

I thought this is cute.....
Like a beautiful dreamer....
Did you noticed that i did not used any flowers for this?

Over @ ICS
# 68

It's black and white again this time....
I've got to thank Martha Steward again and again for this butterfly punch.
I simply love it :)

Ok at least this is better than not updating at all right?
So how's your mid week getting on?
Hope you had a fine start to your Wednesday :)
Stay Happy Always
Creative Momma

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello hello hello
I know i've been bad..very bad indeed. I've neglected my blog for the longest time. It was because of the mid year exam that started about 2 - 3 weeks ago. When the kids having exam its always the mummy that gets stressed. lol Thank Goodness it's all over now and the Mid year school holiday will be here soon. My sincere apologies for not updating :( Another reason is that moi has gone mojoless... I've just lost it and it was only yesterday that i began scrapping again. Yup that's how long i've been mojoless since my last post. I shall be back tomorrow hopefully with some layouts that i've done.

In the meantime
Stay Healthy
Keep Smiling
Love Always
Creative Momma

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ICS #66
This week i'm playing with the MME collection. Let's do black and white :)

Here's this week sketch over at Inspirational Card Sketches

and this is mine.....

How are you on this Wednesday morning? Hope you had a good start to your day :)

Today is just this quick post... got to go....
See you again soon
Take Care
Creative Momma

Monday, May 10, 2010

Something soft, pastel and sweet
is the next color palette over at Color Room. Yes, Color Room Palette #05 is too soft a color that i thought it was difficult to do but nevertheless i did mine and even though i may not get the exact colors to play with, i'm quite happy with my page.

Color Room
Palette #05

My take
Courage.... the story of me

I followed their sketch for this week and i think this is the softest i can get...

So how are you today? How's your weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there:)
My dearie Hub has not been feeling well. He has been down with bad cough since last week and is still coughing rather badly now. Hope you are keeping well and do drink plenty of water.

That's all for now...
Take Care
Have a Beautiful Week Ahead
Creative Momma

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello friends
How are you today? Hope you are fine. Weather is very hot here and almost all the time i'm sitting infront of the fan when i'm at home. If it get worst like midday, i will turn on the AC for a while. I wonder what's happening to the globe... Anyways, here'a page i have to scrap. That's Saj and this photo was taken on her birthday. She has become a teenager and naturally i have to scrap this, hopefully 10 years down the road, when she
see thisagain, she will recall how she looked like on her 13th birthday :)

Papers : Melissa Frances
I love the softness of the papers, can't contain any longer so have to cut and scrap :)

Here's another exciting color palette over at Color Room
Palette #04
Family Room

This is so rich and warm and i love love love these colors. I'm a little late this week because I've been busy helping a friend in her shop. Nevertheless, i managed to squeezed in some time yesterday and completed this before their next color palette tomorrow. Do visit the Color Room and play along and join in the fun. Just like me, i'm always eager to know what their next color challenge will be :) Ok without much ado, here's my take for this week :)

because of you...
my heart is yours

That's me and Hub.
When i saw the color palette #04, i knew for sure that i want to use this photo.
This picture was taken at the new Hard Rock Hotel over at Sentosa.
This page is for you Hub.
Happy Birthday and I'll always love you.

Thanks for looking
Creative Momma

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ICSketches #65
our sponsors for this week over at ICS is SomeOddGirl. Also there is something rather interesting this time round. There's a little twist for this challenge. You have to use this color scheme for your creation.

You can use one or two or even all of the colors above. These have to be your primary colors, adding a dash of another color is fine, but, we love to see these colors mostly. So let's visit the ICS blog here and come and join us in the fun. Happy Crafting

Here's mine

It's mid-week already... hope you are doing great so far.
Thanks for coming by
Take Care
Creative Momma

Monday, May 3, 2010

Universal Studio
has finally made its way here in Singapore. The Integrated Resort over @ Sentosa has build a Universal Studio and when i first heard about it i just can't wait to set my foot in. I'm proud to say that Singapore has done a fantastic job in bringing the Sentosa island back to life again. Speaking of Universal Studio, we actually had a wonderful time over the weekend over at Universal Studio. Hub's company organised a Family Day and they decided on Universal Studio. How cool was that. There were a total of almost 30 of us and it real fun. Despite being under the hot scorching and sizzling sun, believe me it was really worthy. The moment we spend was the most memorable and it made me feel like a kid
Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure....

This is the famous Universal Studio globe just outside @ the main entrance

The castle

Madagascar..i like to move it move it....

In a land far far away....

Saj & Charlie Chaplin

This was simply hilarious...
He was so scared of that joker above when he saw him approaching so he hide under the table just like this. lol
I can't help but to have a good laugh......

Frankenstein ( he's all rubbery)

phew... that's kind of a lot to see. I took over 250 photos and still in the process of editing some of them. I tell you, this is one good place for family bonding. If you happened to be in Singapore, do visit our Universal studio even though it's not as big as the one in States but still it's a good place to visit. For those residing here, you have to go at least once to experience it.

Ok so much of my weekend well spent, so how are you on this Monday morning? Hope you had a great start to your day. I'm still tired from walking and taking pictures after pictures. We were there almost 10 hours and we ended up with a group dinner over at Hard Rock Hotel. We enjoyed, the kids enjoyed and at the end of the day we were all so shag but happy :)

Thanks for looking
Have a great Monday
Creative Momma