Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Friday

for January. Yes time really flies and January is already coming to an end. I'm sure most of us are all settled in with the new year and all the resolution that we have set for 2010. It's time to get it going.... So how are you my friends? Hope you are doing just fine and in the pink of health and are always staying happy with your family and loved ones. It's been a while since i post an entry. No reason just plain lazy; and the beginning of the week was a little disturbing for me but than again i thought why bother. There is always someone out there who wants to intrude into your peace and privacy. So now, since the weekend is just round the corner, i have planned to go out and take some nice pictures and its a good time to explore and play with my Canon EOS D350. I seriously want to learn photography but just don't know who to approach and where to learn. Anyways, here's a page i did of me and DH. It's been a long time since i do a page of us... so here it is....

My Supplies :
I played with my Webster's Pages (did some cut-outs)
La Creme cardstock
Sizzix Die cut
Lace, Pearl, Fabric Butterfly

Here are some cards i made and got inspired from
International Card Sketches

Thank you Dawn,
your card sketches are such an inspiration....

Since January is gonna be gone soon...
Here's a sneak peek at my February page for
Ed's Sketch Got Stamp Challenge

Thanks For LOOking
Have a Wonderful Weekend Ahead
Creative Momma

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is for you....

Completed this purple page of Saj and her ex-teacher who has left Singapore for good. This picture was taken when we send her off at the airport. She loves Saj and always treated her like a daughter than a student. She is a very lovely lady and now that she's away we will always miss her.

So Mrs R this is for you.....

Some Valentine's Day Card i made....

This one using my all time favourite Prima flower...
I stitched a little....

I played with my sizzix.....
I love this patterned paper Letterbox Collection..
So Sweet ( that's what i thought ).....

I embossed white cardstock and paste it over a black Core-dination paper
In the midst of my stash i found this little birdie and decided to let it
settle quietly on this card....
Thanks For Dropping By
Have a great Thursday Evening everyone
See you soon....
Creative Momma

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little late....

from waking up today. Nevertheless, i managed to get all my chores done before i can finally post an entry. So how are you today? Hope you have a fine start to your morning. The weather is looking fine for now but than again it may just rain later part of the day. Thank goodness both kids are well settled in at school. Being in Secondary school has taken a lot of my girl's time. She is literally occupied every single day. Being home early is no longer in the list. CCA will be starting soon and that means another very long day which ends only at 6pm. Over time she should be able to handle it her way. She's made the Vice Chairman of her class and its another added responsibility. Wish her all the best always.

I'm in the midst of completing a few cards and layouts with Valentine's Day coming around the corner. Will post them in my next entry....

Meanwhile here's leaving you some shots i took around my house just a while ago...

Part of my humble living room...

The place where i'm in 365 days a year without fail....
My kitchen....

My three angels just above the curtain
in the kitchen...

I simply love these Blue English Roses

My wet laundry hanged out to dry...
(played with colors and made it black and white)

View from the kitchen

But of course,
Last but not least....
My Little Mr Chatty....

Thanks For Dropping By
Have a Great Tuesday Ahead...
Creative Momma

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Official...

i'm now all ready for a wonderful journey for scrapbooking for year 2010. I'm all geared up again, i'm feeling much much better after that irritating flu that was like a leech on me over the last weekends. My wound from the operation is healing well and i think i'm all set for 2010. What's in store for me? Well let's just say, i shall take it one day at a time. Maybe for now, let's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and I will respond to life more gracefully as i begin to create a more peaceful and loving me. I shall not bother about what people think of me because that is not going to affect me the least bit. They said talk is free... So if talking about me makes people happy so be it. For me, what is important now is myself and my family.
Ok so what's up with the scrappy stuff...

Another challenge over @ Magpie Club
Sketch by Julie Bonner

And here is my take ....
Thank you Magpie, Thank you Julie
I'm inspired :)

My supplies :
American Craft Letterbox Collections
Ribbon, Lace, Doillies, Pearls, Flowers, Hambly Chandelier
Maya Road Tag & Envelopes, Making Memories Metal Index Tabs Clip

Thanks For Looking
Have a Great Wednesday
Creative Momma

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human being can alter his life by altering his attitude - William James

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sketch Challenge #1

@ Made With Love

And this is my take......
I'm not quite satisfied with this page and even my DD said the same.
She too felt that i'm not all geared up yet. This is my first page for 2010.
Even though this is not my best, at least i've completed it.
Even while uploading in the MWL gallery i did not type in the title - that's how clumsy i can be sometime.
I'm feeling much better but still with the stuffy nose and all i sound terrible.
Honestly it took me sometime to figure out which paper to use for this page and finally decided on these.

Thanks for Looking
Have a Lovely Weekend
Creative Momma

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm under the weather...

and i hate it when this happened. I'm down with flu and has not been able to do much lately. My body is aching and all i want to do is sleep. I feel so bad i'm not able to scrap neither am i geared up. I don't usually fall sick especially with flu like this so easily. Maybe because of the start of school and my body need to get adjusted to the routine again. Oh well whatever it is, i hope to be up and about real soon and get that scrapping going....

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend ahead...
Thanks for Dropping
Leaving you with this flower i took sometime back at the Children's Garden

Creative Momma

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2009

Hello everyone and here's wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy 2010. New year brings all the fresh calendars and new beginnings. Every year will have its own Good and Bad and i pray and hope that 2010 will be a good year in terms of health, wealth, family and friends for me. I have bid 2009 goodbye and will start my 2010 with all that i wish it could be. In terms of health, i wish to live more healthily and to be more cautious with my food intake. I need to seriously take care of my health, not only for myself but for my loved ones as well. Its said that money cannot buy health. So in other words, Let's Stay Healthy... I have already done what need to be done. I am done and over with my operation and I am now recovering and slowly gaining my strength back again. I was advised by my doctor not to exert myself but have to go slow and steady so as to recover gradually. I want to thank each and everyone who had shown me all the love care and concern while i was recuperating at home. Some of you went beyond my expectation and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. My DD Saj was a great help to me. She stood by me and help me in all ways she can. I am blessed to have a daughter like her. She cooked, cleaned the house, did the laundry, you name it, all she did. She was so helpful and so filial that she never took her eyes away from me. Thank you Saj, i am so proud of you and love you so much. Of course my DH and DS did their part as well and i'm so touched by them. So while recuperating, i was not able to do much scrapping, infact none at all for the past two weeks. However, before going for my op, i managed to complete a layout for

Ed's Sketch Got Stamp for Jan 2010..

This is my take....

I will once again try to be back in full force for scrapping, i miss it actually. Maybe once when the kids are back to school on Monday and i am able to get my ME time again, i sure will start a page and get the ball rolling again... Saj is so excited and can't wait to go back to school, infact all the uniforms are all ironed. School shoes and socks are all kept neatly by the side. New school bag are waiting to be carried. She even has a new hairdo, she is just so anxious... Basically everything is new for a new beginning. She is stepping into the next level and will soon be a teenager. I wish her all the best and success in everything she do.

That's all for now, i'm not able to sit on the puter for too long. I'm still recovering..remember.LOL

Thanks for coming by my humble blog
Hope you have a great beginning
Once again.... Happy New Year
Creative Momma