Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Friends
how are you today? Yay... its Friday, i don't have to wake up so early tomorrow to wake Saj up for school. I will try to sleep in a little. Yah like as if i can. lol. I am a morning person and if i don't get up latest by 7am everyday, my whole day will be like tornado.I will become very disorganised and i will feel lousy. I get irritated so easily. So, bright and early, rain or shine its for me:)

So what have i been doing? I just completed 4 pages today. Yes 4 los!! and after sitting on my bum for that long i think i'm kind of tired now. Anyways, that aside, my pages makes me happy and i'm here to share with you.

Sketch #38

Shabby Green Door - on the wings of a dream
Simply love this paper like crazy.
I so love the clean look of this page..Perfect for a man.
Thanks Anam, i love your sketch and with every sketch that comes with a twist, it's always different and very interesting to work on.
It's really inspiring and fun. This week twist is "Stripes" - anyhow, anyway!
Have fun.... i know i did :)

Sketch #92

I played with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist
I'm not a messy scrapper, i love neat and clean but after using the
Tattered Angels Mask, i began to fall in love with it.
I had fun with some new colors i just bought yesterday.
I got myself messy and i thought it was fun... :)
That's Saj, jumping and being care free.

For Pencillines
Sketch #175 much i love this.
The colors are so soft and so sweet.. again this is
Shabby Green Door on the wings of dream
Sweet rite?

Here's another one i did by Liz Qualman over at her
Sunday Sketch
Thank you Liz, it's so inspiring, love working on your sketch :)

Yes, you are right...
My favorite Prima Collection
Prima CHA Winter Collection - Pastiche Collection Quirky & Butterfly Wings
Title : Loving life with you by my side

I think i have really run out of plain cardstocks.
Sigh.... it's not a good sign.
Time to spend again:(
I shall make do with whatever i have for now.. Do you think it's possible?
This is impossible but i shall try? lol

February is coming to an end
so here's a sneak peek for March over at
Ed's Sketch Got Stamp Challenge

Sneaky Peeky....

Ok now i'm really really tired.
It's messy everywhere on my table.
I have to clean up.
See you again....

Thanks For Coming By
Have a Lovely Lovely Weekend
Creative Momma

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ICS Sketch #55
Hello and hope you are having a fine start to your morning. This week over at ICS we have another fun sketch to play with. Here's what Dawn has inspired us to do. Thank you Dawn, this sketch set me thinking a little...

And this is mine...

Thanks For Looking
Happy Wednesday
Creative Momma

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning Breakfast
is really yummy today. This is what i had. My favourite orange cranberry muffin and my black lipton tea without sugar. The cranberry is so yummylicious and it just burst into your mouth. Hmm what a great start to my morning :) Hope yours is equally great too.
This is what i just had :)

I hope you are not thinking that i baked it.. I bought these at Cedele Bakery yesterday at Wheelocks Place. Best muffins to get over there..

Back to the creative side,
Over at Imaginisce, here's a sketch for February Challenge (which i almost forget) lol :0

If you want to participate, you have until 25th February to submit. Julie Bonner has once again come up with this inspiring sketch to play along. Thank you Julie. Remember your creation has to be linked via Mr Linky before the due date via Imaginisce blog. There are some yummy prizes in store for the lucky winner. So let's have fun....

This is my take

be true
be honest
be creative
be yourself

Thanks For Looking
Have a Great Monday
Creative Momma

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MME - Lush Collection
is just so so beautiful. Some of the colors are so soft, very tender and sweet and just so yummy. Oh my goodness I just can't get enough! Help!!! I'm seriously addicted to papers,papers and more papers. Just by looking at them and having them in my hands can really make me happy. It's like being in cloud no. 9. It's like my drugs. lol. Is this crazy? Madness? Whatever you call it, but its a must have if you haven't get your hands on them yet. Because i'm so in love with the papers, and the mojo get me going, i completed 4 pages yesterday without even thinking of having my lunch! When i realised its almost 4pm , and it was time to fetch my son from school. After settling him down i continued again and ended only at 8pm. Sounds like a marathon isn't it? These are the days where I can just sit and scrap and scrap and scrap. But if the laziness strike on me, than it will be just a page a day or nothing at all. Anyways, without much ado, here are the 4 pages i indulged in yesterday....

MME - Lush Blue Floral Paper
(I used the opposite side of the paper)
You are so loved....

MME - Lush Pink Floral Paper
(I used the polka dots side)
She's Beautiful
and I'm so loving this... i think the flowers and lace complement each other.
So sweet and soft isn't it?

Here is one for my Hub....
Something yellow, orange, red and misty here and there
One flower is enough for him. lol

Here is a page i did just for me using the new G45 Le Romantique Collection.

Who i am?....
As my age is catching up on me and my life continue to progress, i began to understand who i am more and more with each passing day. I began to understand the needs and wants in life. As i began to see all the beautiful people and things around me, I have to thank God again and again for sending them my way. I am ever so thankful to people who are dear to me especially my children and my husband. I have only them to be thankful for moulding me into what i am today. I am a well-mannered person with a sense of pride and belonging and a great sense of responsibility its all because of them. For this, again, I only have them to thank to. The things that are happening in my life, whether the good or bad has helped me to build up my character to a different level and thus making me a much stronger person. It can be difficult at times but with perseverance and will nothing is impossible.
- I want to have faith and believe that everything will be ok
- I want to live my life to the fullest
- I want to be happy
- I want to care less to those who judge me, bad mouth me, criticise me and who decide for me
- I want to have no fear when facing challenges
- I want to age gracefully because aging is a privilege, not a predicament

This is who i am @ 36

G45 - Le Romantique Collection

Thanks For Looking
Have a lovely weekend
Creative Momma

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Altered Tag
i just did not long ago. Love the pink here. Pink is my favorite color and after completing this, it became my favorite. Here it is.....

Wishing you lots of everything wonderful.

Few cards i made using the GCD patterned paper...
Loving this black and white here.

This is another one with polka dots.
I really like this color.

Thanks for Looking
Creative Momma

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Something to smile about...
My Valentine Wand got featured in our LSS here. Thank you Aida for choosing my wands as the layout of the week among others. Some of the talented scrappers have done a wonderful job too and you can check us here.

For Inspirational Card Sketches #54
Dawn has again brought us another wonderful sketch to play with this week. Thank you Dawn, and do join us with the fun over at Inspirational Card Sketches.

Here's the sketch

And here is my take....

My Supplies
Prima CHA Winter Collection
Maya Road Scallop Frames
Crackle Paint - Walnut Stain
Prima Flowers, Lace & Distressed Ink

Thanks for Coming by my humble blog
Love Always
Creative Momma

Gentleman Collection
from G45. Being a flowerholic, it's difficult not to use flowers for my page. As much as i tried to stop myself, i find that without flower my page is never complete. It's in the mind, i know that, i have to change my mindset. I can't help it but to use a little small one here for this gentleman

Gentleman Page

Thanks For Looking
Creative Momma

Saturday, February 13, 2010

To all that visit my blog.......
Here's wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day....

May your day be filled with happiness and much love always.
Creative Momma

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cherries i love....
Some cherries we had flew in fresh and juicy from Australia. They are so crunchy and sweet and you just can't resist. So these has been my "tidbits" the past few days. I love cherries since i was young and this is one of my favorite fruits. Ok so much of cherries here.

So how's your Friday been so far? So far so good i hope :) Chinese New Year is coming just around the corner. This means that we will be having long weekends . School and work will resume again on Wednesday. How nice is that. Always looking forward to these kind of long public holidays where we can spend lots of family time together. I hope your days ahead will be as wonderful too.
Here's a February Sketch for
Magpie Club
I love doing this page. This face keeps me smiling. He was actually angry at us for not listening to him that he wanted to go and play the swing. We were busy taking photo and he became angry and stood like that with his arms folded. I can't help but to capture this moment of him when he is not so happy. I thought this was hilarious. That's my boy with his angry

Here's Sketch #173 for
Decided to use some soft colors here instead of loud and bright.

My supplies:
American Craft - Botanique Collection
Maya Road Chipboard Frame
Crackle Paint Walnut Stain (for the frame)
Hambly Old Lace
Say it with Pearl
Melody Ross Butterflies
My all time favorites - Prima flowers
Embellishments - Lace, Ribbons & Buttons

Thanks For Coming By
Have a lovely lovely Friday
Creative Momma

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thinking of You - ICS Sketch #53
Once again it's time for another great challenge over @ Inspirational Card Sketches. Dawn has created such a great sketch to play along with. You are free to rotate, flip, stretch or do anything your heart desires with the sketch so long we can see some part of it, you are good to go. So come on and play along.

This is my take, my first assignment as a DT over at ICS.

How has your day been so far?. Mine was pretty good. i met up with a friend just now to get more flowers from her to add on to my stash. (like as if mine is not enough).lol. She's a wonderful lady and it's always nice to meet up with someone that shares the same passion as you. Once again, thanks for the lovely flowers P.
Here's a page i did for a boy. This is Keeven, my friend's son. He will be turning one year old soon. I didn't want to have loud flowers on the page and so decided to choose something suitable for a boy. I was very happy with the ending and i hope the recipient will be happy receiving this too. Here's Keeven for you....

Isn't he just adorable. He is simply cute.... believe me.
Hmm...i thought i could finish a page or two but unfortunately i couldn't. It's ok there is always tomorrow right? Anyways you have a great evening ok.
Nite Nite
Creative Momma

Hello & Good Morning....

Hope you are doing fine today. Will be going down town to meet up a friend soon. In the meantime here's sharing with you some cards i made yesterday.

See you soon....
Have a great morning
Creative Momma

Monday, February 8, 2010

I took this shot just awhile ago. The sun is setting here now at about 7.11pm. How beautiful is this. I'm happy. I love seeing the sunset. The serenity of this reminds me that another beautiful day is awaiting to arise.

Goodnight & God Bless
Creative Momma

Love is in the air...
Here are some Valentine's Wand i made over the weekend. Like i said i was in love with the new CHA Winter release by Prima and doing these wand is no exceptional. Simply love the flowers here. Flowers are my bestfriends. :)))

I greeted my Saturday morning with a wide smile when I hopped over HERE and found out that I've won their January Sketch challenge. Thank you so much Tara, you've made my weekend a wonderful one. Couldn't asked for more. Yesterday was a quiet Sunday. We were all at home and enjoying doing our own things. Me, i'm drown into my scrapbooking world of
Here is another sketch by Pencil Lines
Sketch #172
Pencil Lines

This is my take and by now they have already posted their Sketch #173.
So got to go work on that.
In the meantime... you have a great Monday ok.
Thanks for Looking
Creative Momma

Love yourself first before you can love others....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Can't get enough...

of the all new CHA Winter Collection new release by Prima. I was head over heels with all the papers that was at MWL (our LSS) when i was there yesterday. I simply couldn't get my eyes off and but of course, i bought the papers and was working on them yesterday evening right through the time when DH was back from work i was still hoarding the paper and can't get my mind to decide what to do with them. I finally make a page and the papers itself speaks a thousand words. Here's one for you DH and i hope you are happy just like i am...

Together Forever....
You & I....

My supplies:
DCWV - the Mariposa Stack
Prima all new CHA Winter Release
Flights of Fancy Collections
Watercolor Rainbow Collection
Raspberry Tea Collection

This is one of my favorite... I really like this. This photo was taken just last week when we were at Fort Canning Park. The background was amazingly beautiful.
Believe me the all new CHA Winter collections are simply awesome
It's a must have... Go get it..

Here's a simple card i did for
ICS Sketch #52

And this is my take

Thanks Dawn... for the sketch. Truly inspiring.

Ok that's all for now...
See you soon...
Creative Momma

God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrapbooking on the Wall

I bought 2 6X6 canvas 'tiles' where you can actually decorate them with paint, photos, fabric and many more. I'm those who doesn't really like to get my hands dirty with paint so i decided to wrap the canvas up and embellished it just like i would for a scrapbook page. I glimmered mist it, i painted a little, i distressed the edges and i also glittered it. And this is the final... Tada...

S Family
Home Sweet Home

Yes we are the S Family and the funny thing was that, after completion, i couldn't decide what to do with it, so finally i found a perfect place where it will stay for at least a while.. The wall just outside my house above the doorbell. So here it is.....

Here's the front view

and from the side

i was thinking that since i wrapped it up, i can always reuse it again and again. So let this stay here for sometime before i come up with something new. I still have another tile so i will try to get messy with colors and paints perhaps.

So's your morning so far? Hope you have a great start to your morning... Yesterday evening while i was having my daily conversation with Saj, my little one just out of the blue asked me where is Heaven?
He asked, "Mummy where is Heaven?"
I was about to answer him that and he interrupted again and said
"Is it here in Singapore?"
I said, "No...Heaven is not here in Singapore its in... and again he spoke..
"When i'm in Heaven will i be dead or alive?
This took me awhile to answer to a level of a 5year old boy to understand.
Following that he asked..
"Mummy will you die? Will Daddy die?
"If everybody die than what will happen to me and this house?
"If you die than what will happen to all your scrapbooking?"
And so i thought, this boy has really set me thinking. He makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How much can he understand about death at this tender age? How do i make him realized that whatever that is living will have to die one day. At the end of it, he really cried so much and became so emotional. Lucky me there was a new storybook and i read him a bedtime story and he went off to sleep.

Anyways...hope you have a great Tuesday ahead
Thanks for Dropping By
Creative Momma

However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I made it... Yes i made it...

and this is one great way to start my week. I jumped with joy and couldn't believe it when i received an email this morning saying that i've been selected as the DT here

Thank you Dawn...
Thanks for making me part of your DT family
I love all the card sketches from ICS and can't wait to get started...

February is already here, this is month of love where we will be seeing lots of Roses, lots of Hearts, many of the Reds and Pinks and all those lovey dovey stuff because love is in the air. Here is one black and pink page i did for
Ed's Sketch Got Stamp Challenge

And this is my take...

I tried something new( my first attempt) but i think it doesn't turned out quite nice.
But the most important thing was that i tried...
I splattered some paint on the paper, can you see it?
It doesn't look nice right? maybe because while i was doing that i was
1) worried that i will destroy the paper
2) my hand was stiffed
3) I did not used paint brush, i used the tip of a sponge :(
But it's ok at least i tried and i will do it again :)

So, what's in store for you for February? It's a short month in the calendar, there will be holidays this month because of the Chinese New Year, and it will be a good to spend time with families and friends. I took some great photos over the weekend. Last Saturday was one of the Indian festivals here in Singapore. It's called Thaipusam where the Indians carried Kavadi for Lord Murugan. The Kavadis are very colorful some with gold plated and other are just with colouful ornaments. In order for the devotees to carry the Kavadi, they have to pierce their body. There are also certain rituals they have to obey and follow before being able to carry it. Here are some photos to share...for your viewing pleasure.

I think this is gold plated and it cost a lot...

A devotee with his colourful ornaments...
This is almost reaching to their final stop... About another 15 mins walk.

Thaipusam is a poccession where certains parts of the road will be closed for the devotees. They would need to walk certain miles before reaching the final destination (temple). That walk can last for hours. Usually the devotees are not alone, they have all the families and friends as supporters just like the picture above.
While i was busy taking pictures, it began to rain and i took this shot and i thought this was beautiful....

We went around a bit and decided to venture Fort Canning Park.
My first time

I played with my EOS D350 Canon and captured this....
She can be the next champion for High Jump. lol
Here are the kids playing and relaxing at the swing

It's their brother and sister time....

Saj & Abhi

This is one of those old shophouses somewhere along Jalan Besar.
I like the structure and i'm glad that they did not tear this down.
This is so nice, they will not built these kind of facade anymore here in Singapore.
Something to treasure....
Old Shophouses.......

This is Singapore's Museum
Part of it, because i was in the car and it's moving so i snapped what i can get...

Phew, this is one long entry today...
My bums are aching..
I'm hungry already
See you soon and Thanks For Looking

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.