Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspired by...
Liz Qualman's Sunday Sketch for 25th July 2010.
Here's what I've come up with. Was working on this yesterday and i really love the red here. This is Keeven once again. Him being happy and so cooperative during the photo shooting and always smiling and cheerful. Thanks Liz for this wonderful sketch :)

a happy Keeven

Just a little close up on the butterfly...

I think by now those that are following me should be realising that i'm a butterfly, swirls and flower girl.
Yes these are my favorite embellishment must have all time.

Hmm...let's see when will I be able to go for the CHA Exhibition?
This time round its over here @ Stephen's Convention Center in

Picture taken from Liz's blog. She's there for CHA. Well, I think i will go someday down the road. Just love to see the familiar names online in person, the manufactures and of course the newest and fresh from the oven products.
Well, let's see how it goes :)

So how are you friends? How's it going so far?
Hope so far so good and you had a great start to your morning.
I had cramp on my leg at the wee hours of the morning today.
I'm been stretching and hopefully it will feel much better later part of the day.
I've got class yesterday, today and back to back tomorrow @ Our Craft Place.
I'm loving every minute of it. I get to meet more people who are loving this art and it's always nice to see them being happy at the end of it.
They got excited at every end of their creation and they never knew they could do it till they try.
At the end of it I'm happy to see them smile.

So what are you waiting for?
Just smile
Take Care
Creative Momma

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hmm...where was I....
well you must be wondering where on earth have i gone... I've not been blogging for the past week because life was a roller coaster ride since July 16 till last Friday. Moi was sick and so was Abhi. We were battling with a nasty virus that had made him so so sick that he was almost admitted to the hospital. Yup we brought him to the hospital as he was wheezing rather badly and the doctors there were on high alert when he came. Apparently, his oxygen level was way down than normal. I was panicked, Saj was teary. Sigh.... I on the other hand was down with stomach flu. Just when he was about to recover he got the virus from me and we both took turn to visit the toilet. Now.... that's the reason Moi has gone missing. Thank God all are well now. We battled with the viruses and we are now back to our normal lifestyle. Phew that period was difficult...
Yesterday i was in full geared and i completed 3 layouts in arow. Am i nutcase or what?#%$^(-

These are for...

Creative Scrapper #112, #113 & #114 respectively

Some close -up...
polka dot pink flower from Prima... i like

Another little close up for

I love the color combi here. I was a little apprehensive at first on green and pink..but oh well it turned out just nice.

Anyways....more los to complete today and will keep you posted.
Hope you have a good start to this Tuesday morning
Take Care Always
Creative Momma

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the reveal....
for Sunday's sketch over at My Little Sketch Blook...

I love Imaginisce and this Cherish & Love Collection is no exceptional. That's my sister and her kids. I hope she don't mind me using her snapshot because i did not ask for permission. Oops... sorry sis :( Anyways, i simply love Liz's sketch, it's always with swirls and flowers and it has never fail to inspire me. Thank you so much Liz, your sketches are always amazingly beautiful. I decided to use just a singe photo for this, and played with my Maya Road library card as a replacement for the second photograph. I've written some journaling in there. The card read "Keepsake" and i thought its perfect for this because her kids are her precious keepsakes. Her life evolves with her 3 kiddos, her family and work and nothing can make her more happier than spending time with them. I want to take this opportunity to thank Liz for featuring me in her blog. It's so sweet of her.. Hugs for you Liz :)
Do pop by over to her blog and see the rest of the designers reveal. I'm sure you will be equally inspired.

That's all for now...
Happy Sunday
Creative Momma

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little sneaky peeky......

I'm working on black and white lately. Yet to finish up my black and white mini album. I did this page yesterday for my reveal in Liz Qualman's blog coming up this Sunday. So excited... and i have always love her sketches. She never fails to add in flowers and swirls..Oh how much i love them... i've used the Imaginisce Cherish and Love collection. Love this collection so much and the papers are just way too pretty.. :)

Anyways, for all the Spain fans including myself... Yay!!!! Spain won...the Word Cup...Yay!!!!
Got to believe the "sotong" at times. lol

So how are you today? Hope you have a fine start to your morning.. I had a call just a few minutes ago from a friend who needed someone to vent her anger out. She got frustrated with her fellow colleagues and just wanted to scream her head out and she choose me. How nice huh? My message to her was simple.. Just let it out and let go....
Yup at times you just need to let it out and let go... But you have to let it out at the right person and gradually you will feel better... I hope she is feeling much much better now and hey, i'm a good listener you know.... lol

Ok that's all for now...
Happy Tuesday
Creative Momma

Sunday, July 11, 2010

in these just before blogging.....

Donuts, donuts and more donuts...

We all love donuts here at home. Especially Saj, she can gobbled down 3 at one go.
But truly, the donuts from here

are simply soft and so yummyilicious....
If you have not tried donuts from J . just don't know what you are missing... lol
Ok so what's up with your Sunday? whatever that is left... Mine was good, i don't have to cook for once on a Sunday. We went out in the late morning, bought some food home and ate and after that, me and Hub went to town just to chill a little and got some stuff for us and now we are home. I'm blogging, Hub and Saj is on their puter and my little man is transforming his transformers. So basically we are all chilling and enjoying each other's company and nothing can be better than this. Family is always the best.

Something new is brewing at home....

My dearest dearest Hub is falling in love with these. Yes, you see it correctly... It's real marine fishes, real corals and real living rocks.... These came in stages by stages. I shall not elaborate here as we are all not into this, I know i'm not. But you know something, after they have fixed up everything and you can see the fishes swimming and the corals moving, it's really beautiful. And i think, i'm beginning to like it. Hub said that after a hard day's work, it's so relaxing and calming just to sit and watch the movement of the living things in the aquarium. Well, i'm not sure of that yet because in terms of scrapping and watching the know what i'll
Ok till we meet again...
Have a good rest and will see you soon.
Creative Momma

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday
everyone... Hope you are having a fine start to your morning :) Time is flying so fast and weekend is coming around. Nothing much being planned yet because of the World Cup Fever. Final is tomorrow past midnight and it's Holland vs Spain. I've lost the last bet with Saj, she took Spain and I went for Germany. She's 20 bucks richer. lol. So what's your prediction? I'm not that good this time round and football is not my cup of tea..
Anyways... i do hope Spain win :)
Back to the scrapping world.....

I did this for Creative Scrapper

This is a picture of Keeven...
also taken at a studio about two weeks ago...
This boy knows the camera well and can really give great pose..
He is 18 months now and you bet.... at that age how cute they are :)
More picture of Keeven coming up soon...
btw, just in case you have forgotten...Keeven is my friend's child.

I told you i'm infatuated with mini album right?
Here's something i did...i played with some sealant, inks and accents
I decided not to have much cutting for this, instead i tore most of the papers including the corrugated board...
This is going to be for my girl... some pictures of her growing up years...
It's not completed yet... but just thought of showing you a little here and there...
This is for you... Saj :)

and this is the back...
and that's all for now...

I do hope you have a great day ahead and
have a lovely weekend friends...
Creative Momma

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello & Good Morning
to all that visit my little cyber world. My apologies for the disappearing act. I have not been feeling that great lately. Hopefully with the beautiful start of the day, all will fall in place nicely. So how have you been doing? Hope you are doing fine and is always feeling on top of the world. The kids did some photo shooting about two weeks ago and just thought of sharing with you here before i turn them into scrapbooking pages.

I might just decide to do a mini album on them. I'm in love with mini at the moment. Simply love it but will also do some pages and will be posting here as soon as i'm done.
In the meanwhile thanks for coming by and have a great week ahead.

Creative Momma