Monday, September 28, 2009

Announcement Announcement..Drum Roll please...

Yes, i made it to be in the Design Team for Pink Sketches.. Yeah (lol) i'm so so happy. Thank you so much Kelli for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to be a Pink Sketches DT. There were nearly 80 entries and she picked 6 out of that, and i am one of them. I love all the sketches and i had and will be having so much fun in pink sketches that's for sure. I'm so excited......That's all i want to share for now , in the meantime you can check on pink sketches and i will be doing the next sketch soon.

It's 6.30pm now, I'm going to Swensen's for dinner with DH and the kids soon. Suddenly i have that strong urge to have my all time favourite ice cream, Coit Tower ( oh my goodness, it's sinful, but who cares....hahaha)

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women...

Yes, i'm reading this little book of the above again and again. I find that whenever i need help or solutions to a problem that i'm tangled with, i turned to this book for help. I have to thank Kristine Carlson for this wonderful amazing book for women. She has done a great job for publishing such a book that show us (women) how to find that small, still center in ourselves, and how to live with more joy, calm and peace in the midst of this chaotic world. I highly recommend you to read this book. You never know that it can make you a much better person.
I was stressed! Yes tensed, with the coming PSLE. What i did was to read this book and it has helped me realised what was my problem. 
In one of the pages it read:
Women can handle a lot of stress, but is it really in our best interest to have our thresholds so high? I  have to lower my threshold in order to attain peace both for me and her. PSLE is just in two weeks time. Now is just the fine tuning and for her to ask her teachers lots of questions which she need better clarification on. I think i have whether consciuos or unconsciuosly set a very high expectation on Saj for her coming PSLE. She did ok for her Prelim exam. I spoke to her teacher yesterday and she said, "We both have to hold hands and go through this together till the exams over." She assured me that Saj will give her at least 2As if not A*. I'm very tensed, it's not that i don't trust and have confidence in my daughter, it's just the anxiety i think that is getting the better of me. I guessed it's not only me, but all mothers out there who has children sitting for the final year are equally tensed at this point of time.  My guidance and prayers are with her and i hope she will go through this smoothly without any hiccups. 
So what do i do when i'm stressed!!
Tada..... i do scrapping!!
  for Pencillines Sketch #153

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi Friends

I know it's been a while since i last post an entry. I can't do much when blogspot is not responding. Yes the same problem again and again. So how are you and hope you are feeling great. The weather has been good. Cloudy with occasional light rain. The school break is here but Saj has to go back for her supplementary lesson. I guess all P6 students sitting for PSLE will have to tighten their belt till the exams over.

I played with my G45 paper and did this lo on Saj and my niece Z..... come take a look......

Pretty Faces with Mona Lisa... 
The new release of the G45 papers are so pretty, i still wish they could bring in more..

Just the other day, i went to Spotlight, and while walking, i saw some tags and i was wondering what can i do with them. I bought them anyways, and this is what i 've made. Instead of making greeting cards, i made greeting tags.. Since Eid (Hari Raya Aidilfitri) is around the corner, this is perfect for my friends and sisters...

I used G45 for this.....
This blue altered tag is done by Saj... she was so in
spired by me (that's what i think) and she did this for her teacher....

I made this for a friend.. 
Altered P

Phew...after posting, than only i realised that's a lot of tags done.. I'm happy with my work and that's the important thing isn't it. I'm going to try some challenges which are hosted by some blogs and hope i can do a good job for that.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September

and yes, before we knew it, it will be year end soon. How are you today? It's a day break from school today for the kids..It's Teacher's Day today. To all the teachers out there, have a Very Happy Teacher's Day. 

For September Ed's Sketch Got Stamp...
 here is my layout.

I did MAJOR Cleaning yesterday..on all my scrapbooking stuff.
It was Messy Messy Mess Mess.............

I wasn't done even until Abhi came back from school..
He was so excited to see the mess, why because he can put his hands on them!
He said, " Mummy why so messy? You've been doing this after i left for school?"
I said, "Yes, and can you please don't ask so much and please don't touch my things."
He said, "OK Mummy."

By this time, i was almost done and i need to clean up.
I did not asked, but he did this..what else can I say? 

I was taken back, my little boy actually wanted to help.. and i wished i wasn't so harsh with him earlier. If you are wondering why is he sweeping on a cleaned floor, he had already picked up all the tiny pieces and threw them in the bin before he actually used the broom. How smart!

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Creative Momma