Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Ok, Have Faith, Be Positive.....

Life is throwing many challenges in my way. Things that are beyond my expectation and way beyond my imagination. I can only pray and ask God to have mercy on me,protect me and guide me. I'm always reminding myself to be positive, have faith and it's ok, everything will be alright. To de-stress i scrap and this layout is for me...

For 52 sketches 52 weeks
Sketch #43

I choose blue for peace and tranquility...calm and soothing....
Be Positive is to remind myself that's what i must tune my brain into...
To be collective, to believe in my inner self and to remain calm as much as possible just like this layout.

And here is the sneek for next month's 
Ed's Sketch Got Stamp Challenge

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Have a Nice Wednesday Evening
Creative Momma

Monday, October 26, 2009

Human Being!!

I am beginning to understand myself more and more with each passing day. Things that are happening in my life now has make me realised  how Human Being can change and dance to the tunes of others. I have learned and will still be learning on who are the people i can keep close with and whom i shall discard. It's strange but this is life. In life there are always people who want to define you, label you, judge you and DECIDE for you what you should do with your life. These people are not able to see you as a Human Being first because they themselves are not one! They failed to realised that before they want to find flaws in others, they have to take a good look in the mirror first and admit that they can see these flaws in themselves. But unfortunately, to some, no matter how big a mirror you give them they choose not to see. Strange but True... So, do you think i should take all these problems and put in my head and worry for the rest of my life?No No No!!!... I had so much fun yesterday with my hubby and kid and we almost forgot that its time to go home. We indulge in some sinful act(something naughty something nice) and we went to Fullerton Hotel for tea, and Esplanade for Chocolate at one of the wonderful bars over there. We had so much fun but of course i never forget to scrap...

this is for my assignment over at  Pink Sketches..
Love because you are loved...

I am simply loving the blue and brown here...
Another one of my favorites....

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Creative Momma

Friday, October 23, 2009

Make Lemonade

"if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" which is much easier said than done isn't it? Hmm life is giving me lemon now to make lemonade but i think it will still be sour so i made Lemon Cake. Its very soft, sweet and sour, very nice you know with icing on top! Come let's see my cake, how i wish you can try...

Life has been like a rollercoaster ride for me the past few days. But it's ok this is life. Not everything will go your way all the time, sometimes in between, suprises and challenges pops up for you to spice up your life a little and accept it with courage.

I came from a very big family and i have realised that your own flesh and blood can stab you  from behind at times. It's sad to say that even though they are your own, if they have a bad heart and wants to destroy you they will do it on you at any cost!. heard me right...own flesh and blood!!! But what i dun understand is... what do they gain?? I have an intruder who is trying to disturb the peace and happiness of my family right now at this point of time. Shame to say, the intruder does not have guts to question me and clear all their queries regarding me and my life. They are instigating and guiding someone to cause unhappiness and to challenge me, but whoever you are, just remember that i am a WOMAN who don't accept defeat. I stand on my own two feet and i will face any challenges that come my way. There are someone out there who wants to destroy my happiness and i have this to say.... the WAR is on, Go ahead and make my day........  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Grown Up

Yes, when i looked at this picture, it hit me real hard on how grown up my little boy has become. I still remembered how i held him for the first time with his little fingers and toes, tiny button nose, small little mouth, his small litlle body all so cute and huggable. Now he is a baby no more. He loves giving me kisses and hugs all the time. Just like this picture in this lo, he gave me such a gentle kiss and i can't help but to scrap about it. I always wonder how much longer will i be the main receiver for his hugs and kisses. He is growing up way too fast and I am not ready yet! 

 I still want him to be my baby and he will always be my little Momma's boy. 

So how are you today? Hope all is well on your side. I just brought my son to see a doctor. My boy has some kind of dry skin on his scalp. I have been monitoring and it seems to be growing bigger. It started with a little white patch and now it has grown quite big. The doctor said its fungus and gave me some shampoo to try on him and some cream to apply. Hopefully all should be fine. So with that, there goes my morning today. Now i'm blogging and will be scrapping later. My girl is going out to meet her friends for small gathering. I will have to cook dinner tonite and hopefully i will finish a layout by than.

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Have a Great Tuesday Afternoon
Creative Momma

Friday, October 16, 2009

This morning...

at 6.50am i took these pictures

The Beauty of Nature...

This is my view from my kitchen at about 6.52am

View from the kids room at close to 7am

If anyone were to see me with my camera as early as 6.45am, they must be thinking that i am some kind of a detective of PI maybe (lol) I took this picture immediately when i jumped out of bed. I have a habit of seeing the skies and the view out of my flat before i began to launch into my "to do" list. Just before i do that, i will sit on my bed and do light stretching,  and spend just a few minutes in quiet meditation to nourish my inner self. When my mind is clear i feel a sense of peace, the feeling that my day will be just perfect. I feel connected, secure and confident. At the same time i always remind myself what a gift it is to be alive.  I thank God for giving me another day to live.    Oh well that's a little bit about me on how i greet my mornings. So how do you greet your morning? Are you always in a rush and don't even have a minute or two to appreciate the little things around you? Or are you someone who gets off to  such a peaceful start? I believe it's important to set aside some reflective time on a daily basis. Spending time alone in quiet and solitude can make a world of difference. It can help us grow as a person or make life a little easier or more effective. Ok ok  i think i have to stop here, i'm rambling too much already.. hehehe..

Here's another newborn layout...
52 Sketches 52 weeks 

That's me and my sister....
She is someone i know who starts her day in a rush...
She's always stressful and has never ever taken time for herself..
Her life is so routine and so tense (both at home and work) that i'm worried for her at times.
She needs to learn to relax and unwind...
Sz, i hope you are reading this...
Anyways today is Friday
Weekend is coming
Hope you have a great weekend ahead
Creative Momma

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This one for me...

I did this layout for myself. There's so much i want to write about me being 35, but decided on Creative Momma instead. (Short and Sweet)

For 52 Sketches 52 Weeks

Supplies : Webster Page's. S.E.I and Cardstocks
Prima Flower
American Craft - Glitter Sticker Thickers

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Creative Momma

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Exam Week (PSLE)

starts tomorrow being English Language as the first paper on Wednesday. Whatever that need to be done has been done. Whatever that need to be taught has been taught now it's show time. Saj is prepared and so do I. Wish her all the best and i'm like a spoilt recorder reminding her to stay calm always. I'm not nagging( i hope so) i'm just reminding. Anyways, how's your Sunday? Mine was great, my brother and his family came for visiting. It was nice having him around and looking at my brother, i realised that he is getting old. Was not ready with my camera, otherwise you'll be able to see a shot of him. Anyways, thanks for coming bro, and i love you so.

My first assignment as a DT over at Pink Sketches....

Here it goes...

This is specially for my daughter.....
Journalling : 
All the dreams I prayed you'd be
are all the things you are
You were once my little girl
and now my shining star.

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Have a Beautiful Week Ahead
Lots of Love
Creative Momma

Saturday, October 3, 2009

G45 and Tattered Angels

My first time using so much of the glimmer mist for a layout. I used Pinecone and Jazz Blue for this and it think it looks fine, it enhanced the background and i like it the way it is now. I'm a neat freak and i love my page to be clean, but after having used this glimmer mist, i kind of like the effects. Inspired by G45 Chicken or Egg, Layout or Sketch,  and thus, here's mine...

For Pencillines #154

For my sister..
Journalling : Sister is more than just family, she's a friend through and through
I used : Crate Paper, Prima Flowers and ribbons, 
Maya Road Scallop Frames for her initial SZ
Coloured the frames with pink brushables

For 52 Sketches 52 weeks
Sketch #39

I simply love the burst of orange in this layout
I used : G45  for the 6 squares
Ribbons and Prima Flowers
Journalling : You are my joy, my daughter, my forever friend....

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Lots of Love
Creative Momma

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome October

Yes, it's a beginning of a new month. Many more challenges are in store. But for now, here's the sketch for Ed's Sketch Got Stamp Challenge. Come and play along with us...

Here's my take.....

I used a mixture of G45 and Webster's Pages. This is one of my favorite...

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