Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a Monday

and how is your morning so far? Hope you have had a great weekend. Mine was spend with my sister on Saturday and yesterday being Sunday, we were out in the afternoon to Orchard. Where else but to MWL to get my G45 papers. I simply love G45 and couldn't help but to get some other papers as well. Like as if I have run out of cardstocks!! My damage was 65 bucks!! Suprisingly, this time when I was selecting the papers, my DH stood beside me and choose papers together with me this time. Otherwise, he will always stand outside of the shop and wait till i'm done. Man oh Man, you just can't understand them at times. Anyway, that was very sweet of him, and not forgetting my little boy, squatting beside me with basket in his hand waiting for me to dump my things in for him to carry. That was so lovely of them, both father and son. 

I spend my money on Saturday at Textile Centre on these!!!
Laces, laces and more laces....

Buttons i can't resist....

I couldn't stop myself, buttons, flowers, laces are my cup of tea. I simply love them, simple things like this makes me happy. I don't usually visit Textile Centre that often, it's only when i'm running out of lace and buttons, then i make my appearance there.

I made these for Saj for her teacher for Teacher's Day...
A Display Stand...(that's what i called it)

My altered drinking cup...
(from this)

to a Stationery Holder
(to this)

Phew, thank goodness, i don't have to do much for Teacher's Day gifts until next year. Now i can concentrate on my scrapping. Can't wait to get my hands on my papers especially G45. 

Thanks For Looking
Have a Beautiful Week Ahead
Lots of Love
Creative Momma

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piradee talvanna said...

oooh love the lace that you got. where is this place that you mentioned? still kinda new to singapore (even thou i have like been here for a year). thanks piradee