Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September

and yes, before we knew it, it will be year end soon. How are you today? It's a day break from school today for the kids..It's Teacher's Day today. To all the teachers out there, have a Very Happy Teacher's Day. 

For September Ed's Sketch Got Stamp...
 here is my layout.

I did MAJOR Cleaning yesterday..on all my scrapbooking stuff.
It was Messy Messy Mess Mess.............

I wasn't done even until Abhi came back from school..
He was so excited to see the mess, why because he can put his hands on them!
He said, " Mummy why so messy? You've been doing this after i left for school?"
I said, "Yes, and can you please don't ask so much and please don't touch my things."
He said, "OK Mummy."

By this time, i was almost done and i need to clean up.
I did not asked, but he did this..what else can I say? 

I was taken back, my little boy actually wanted to help.. and i wished i wasn't so harsh with him earlier. If you are wondering why is he sweeping on a cleaned floor, he had already picked up all the tiny pieces and threw them in the bin before he actually used the broom. How smart!

Thanks For Looking 
Have a Great Tuesday
Lots of Love
Creative Momma

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Edleen said...

Sham, i'm sure by now it's not so messy anymore! :) so sweet of Abhi!

maybe someday can come over and crop @ your place eh? ;) have a great September!!!