Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Morning Scrappy friends...
how have you been? Hope you are doing just great and have had a great weekend... It's already July and time is really flying fast.  There's so many challenges in store and I hope to get my hands on them soon.. I've been rather busy lately and have not been scrapping much for almost a week already. Firstly I think I'm on a emotional ride given the problem that I'm having right now. It's very difficult but I have to face it and I cannot give up. I pray each night that God give me the strength to face the challenges that he has set for me. I read a book and it said :
Ensename: which means Show Me in Spanish
Ensename. Show me. A prayer to the Goddess, to the Universal Mother, to the Great Intelligence (whatever you called Him) 
"Show me what I need to learn. 
Show me what I need to let go of.
Show me the path to take.
Show me whatever you want to show me.
Show me how I can serve.
Show me new ways to love.
Show me what I am meant to do."
Ask for guidance, ask for signs, ask for direction, and it will come.....

Well so much of me hoping for here..and on the other hand, another reason I'm sort of MIA is because my MIL is in the hospital. She had a stroke last week and was quite in a terrible state. I've been visiting her everyday since she was admitted. Thank God she managed to pull through and is much better today and it did not caused her any physical damage. However, because of the severe stroke she had, she has lost her speech. Doctor said there is no guarantee if she will ever get back her voice given her age and the clot in her brain. She is 88 years old. Anyways, I hope things will all fall back in place soon..
Let's hope and pray... Sorry for the non-scrappy related bits up here.

Sometime back I did this and have not been posting it...
This is a very simple card I made using the La Blanche silicon stamp...
I stamped and colored it...
I kind of like this stamp because not much pressure is required 
when stamping and the image is very detailed...
Here it is....
that's all for now
I'm leaving you with love and hope that you'll have a beautiful day ahead
Creative Momma

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