Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2009

Hello everyone and here's wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy 2010. New year brings all the fresh calendars and new beginnings. Every year will have its own Good and Bad and i pray and hope that 2010 will be a good year in terms of health, wealth, family and friends for me. I have bid 2009 goodbye and will start my 2010 with all that i wish it could be. In terms of health, i wish to live more healthily and to be more cautious with my food intake. I need to seriously take care of my health, not only for myself but for my loved ones as well. Its said that money cannot buy health. So in other words, Let's Stay Healthy... I have already done what need to be done. I am done and over with my operation and I am now recovering and slowly gaining my strength back again. I was advised by my doctor not to exert myself but have to go slow and steady so as to recover gradually. I want to thank each and everyone who had shown me all the love care and concern while i was recuperating at home. Some of you went beyond my expectation and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. My DD Saj was a great help to me. She stood by me and help me in all ways she can. I am blessed to have a daughter like her. She cooked, cleaned the house, did the laundry, you name it, all she did. She was so helpful and so filial that she never took her eyes away from me. Thank you Saj, i am so proud of you and love you so much. Of course my DH and DS did their part as well and i'm so touched by them. So while recuperating, i was not able to do much scrapping, infact none at all for the past two weeks. However, before going for my op, i managed to complete a layout for

Ed's Sketch Got Stamp for Jan 2010..

This is my take....

I will once again try to be back in full force for scrapping, i miss it actually. Maybe once when the kids are back to school on Monday and i am able to get my ME time again, i sure will start a page and get the ball rolling again... Saj is so excited and can't wait to go back to school, infact all the uniforms are all ironed. School shoes and socks are all kept neatly by the side. New school bag are waiting to be carried. She even has a new hairdo, she is just so anxious... Basically everything is new for a new beginning. She is stepping into the next level and will soon be a teenager. I wish her all the best and success in everything she do.

That's all for now, i'm not able to sit on the puter for too long. I'm still recovering..remember.LOL

Thanks for coming by my humble blog
Hope you have a great beginning
Once again.... Happy New Year
Creative Momma

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Edleen said...

Dear Sham, hope you're recovering well and you're very lucky to have Saj to help out. she's a gem!

love that photo of you both, lovely take on the sketch :)

have a Great 2010 and take care!