Monday, October 11, 2010

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Pictures are all courtesy from Abhi's school concert and graduation ceremony last Saturday.
It was indeed a very proud moment for all of us to witness him performing with so much of enthusiasm and confidence and seeing him graduating actually moved me close to tears. He has grown up... and grown up fast. I was proud seeing him on stage and i'm sure any mother would, seeing their kids braving on stage infront of 680 parents, VIPS, school President, Principal and teachers and even the MP for Marine Parade. It was a moment to be proud of and i wish him many more graduations in his life to come.

The team from
The Fire Of Inamura

That's him performing below... the thing that moved me was, he did not tell us that he was the lead dancer. I guessed he wanted it to be a suprised...
As the costume suggest, it was a Japanese concert show.
He was one of the villagers trying to save their harvest during Tsunami.

When the Tsunami came they were scared, thus that expressions

The lead dancer... that's him
so when they were able to save their harvest from Tsunami,
they began to dance and celebrate
Arikisho...Arikisho..Sora Sora Sora....Arikisho Arikisho..
(That's all i can remember from the song)lol

It was indeed a very memorable event.
The team and teachers have really put in big great effort to make this event a very successful one.
Kudos to each and every one of them.

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