Monday, October 18, 2010

Very good Monday Morning everyone......
How's your weekend and how have you been so far? Phew... with all the exam fever gone from my side, it feels so much relax and more time to scrap now. I hope and pray that she do well. Anyways, our weekend was a quite one, staying at home and enjoying each other's company. My dearest Hub and me did went out for awhile to do some groceries shopping and we were back soon after because there was a liverpool match at 8.30pm last night. On Saturday night, Saj and me was sitting on the sofa watching MTV Rihanna top 20 countdown. Those who know me would be like.."what you sit and watch MTV?" yup, im not the kind who will sit infront of a TV set, i wouldrather do something productive, first in the list would be scrapping, followed by house chores. But that Saturday, i took the effort to watch MTV with her and i have one word to describe - SHOCKED. Yes shocked! MTV videos has become almost like a X-rated kind of thinge. Woman carrassing,kissing,touching, hugging with another woman. It's norm if it's between the opposite sex but woman and woman!!! I'm conservative, and I'm proud to say that. My parents were traditional and very conservative, and there were many rules and regulations we had to follow. Of course ultimately, when we grew up, the choices are for us to make, but the roots are still there. We can define what is right and wrong and if its bad we refrained from it altogether. But this generation, nowadays it's totally the opposite. So back to the MTV, i took that opportunity to talk to her and tried reaching to her level. My girl is a teenager and she is vulnerable to these kind of exposure. For someone like me, MTV is not my kind but yet i have to like it one way or another to keep up with the latest trend. Saj loves music and i have to love her kind of music too. Ok so much of MTVs...

I did some quilling the past few days and came up with these frames here...

Something soft, something sweet...

Life is not measured by the
number of breaths we take
but by the moments that
take our breath away

This is another one that i like...
Especially the sentiment....
We all take
different paths
in life, but
no matter
where we go, we take a
little of each other

Ok that's all for now..
I'm going to leave you with these
and hope you have a great day ahead.
Thanks for coming by
Creative Momma


angeleef said...

Those quilling frames are so beautiful. I'm very jealous of your creative skills. I would so love to have one of those frames hanging at my home. Wouldn't keep staring at them. Keep doing what you do, because you do it best!
Greetz, ** Evi **

Anonymous said...

I support you in your stand against what was shown on MTV! (actually I never even watch TV...) :) Your quilled flowers are SO beautiful... lovin them...