Saturday, December 25, 2010

From the Sunny island

of Singapore... I would like to wish all celebrating this season of blessings a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas..

Yesterday a friend came by and give me a warm big hug and wished me the Best Christmas with a bag full of Goodies. I was touched. That is one amazing friend.
My work has allowed me to meet up many talented and amazing scrappers along the way. Some are "nasty' some are nice. When they are nice they are really really nice. They will just pop in the shop and give you a nice warm cup of coffee or even a hug. They make you smile. These are people that appreciate art. They also create and we inspire each other. That is the beautiful part of my job. I'm so thankful to J & K for giving me such an opportunity.

Have a Great Christmas & Great weekend
i'm going to eat my log cake soon.
Thanks for coming

Love Always
Creative Momma

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