Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good Morning Friends
how's your Tuesday morning been so far? Hope you are having a good start to your day. We are already 7 days into December and very very soon it will be Christmas than New Year. Days are jumping fast. Anyways i did this layout for my boy. I played with some tags. I recycled the Prima packaging and used it as a description tag. I think it's kinda cool.
Here it goes...

For one reason or another, the image is blur. I tried editing but failed. Hmm.... that's the problem when you are not an IT expert. But nevermind, i'm sure it's good enough to see. I've also completed another page on myeslf and will post it on my next entry.

In the meantime... I'm leaving you with this.....

and hope you have a great Tuesday ahead...
Love Always
Creative Momma

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