Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 Hard Truths

I'm reading this at the moment. Not because I am into political issue, but because this man, our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, had made many, including myself, to shed tears at the passing of his beloved wife not too long ago. I feel that as "hard and strong" as a man he is, there is something about him that I would love to know. And with the releasing of this book, I am beginning to understand him better and the immeasurable effort that he put into bringing Singapore to where she is standing now. Who would have known that the greatest love story in Singapore would be that of our famous politician and most respectable leader? When I saw MM Lee kissed his wife goodbye at the final moment, it evoked so much of pain and a rush of indescribable feelings in me. There was something so heartbreaking and profoundly touching about that scene that made me choked to tears. I wasn't able to control my emotion. 
Of course I do  not know Mrs Lee personally, but as a discerning adults, I believe most of us would understand that it is usually only after one's departure that people will take time to cherish and honor them in such a manner . The part that has pierced me right thru my heart were the eulogies that were crafted and delivered by her loved ones.

"Without her, I would be a different man, with a different life. She devoted herself to our children and me. She was always there when I needed her. She has lived a life full of warmth and meaning.  I should find solace in her 89 years of life well lived. But at this moment of the final parting, my heart is heavy with sorrow and grief."

It takes a woman like Mrs Lee to deserve such a farewell, but it also took a man like Mr Lee to acknowledge the significance that she had played in his life. Because of them, I have newfound respect for life and a word called LOVE.

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