Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello friends...
Days are jumping jumping jumping, I thought today is Wednesday but I have to like slap myself and realized that its Thursday.. which means its  New Arrival at our LSS... Should i go or should i not go? I have been contemplating for almost 2 hours already... The ZVA Blings are like calling me crazy.. I love blings, flourish, swirls, flowers, lace...oh my goodness i'm going insane... Anyways... How's your Thursday been so far? Hope you are feeling just great today.. and had a good start to your morning
I played with some embroidery hoops and thought of sharing it with you .....

The wording there is not so clear.. its because of the camera refection or the flash maybe... or simply i need to service my camera.. its actually
Happy Mother's Day
I used a red fabric added some lace and played with my K & Co die cut stickers..
Added some bling bling and it's done..

Another one i did on Saj..
It's left with only some journaling but thought of letting you have a peek...

 I altered this tinnie winnie 3.5 by 5 wooden board or frame (whatever you call it)
I used crackled paint and painted on i love the cracking effect..

the best things in life are not things...
It's knowing that there is someone there for you, 
who is always ready to sacrifice and spend their time for you
who listen to you
Who gives you all her best and not expecting anything in return
Who loves you and not judge you
Who does not criticize you but love you just for who you are
That's my buddy... Shad

I did one on Sz but she took hers way too fast before i could take a snap of it... Will ask her

Ok back to shall i go..
shall i not...
shall i go....
shall i not...

Anyways have a great Thursday ok
Creative Momma

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