Monday, October 26, 2009

Human Being!!

I am beginning to understand myself more and more with each passing day. Things that are happening in my life now has make me realised  how Human Being can change and dance to the tunes of others. I have learned and will still be learning on who are the people i can keep close with and whom i shall discard. It's strange but this is life. In life there are always people who want to define you, label you, judge you and DECIDE for you what you should do with your life. These people are not able to see you as a Human Being first because they themselves are not one! They failed to realised that before they want to find flaws in others, they have to take a good look in the mirror first and admit that they can see these flaws in themselves. But unfortunately, to some, no matter how big a mirror you give them they choose not to see. Strange but True... So, do you think i should take all these problems and put in my head and worry for the rest of my life?No No No!!!... I had so much fun yesterday with my hubby and kid and we almost forgot that its time to go home. We indulge in some sinful act(something naughty something nice) and we went to Fullerton Hotel for tea, and Esplanade for Chocolate at one of the wonderful bars over there. We had so much fun but of course i never forget to scrap...

this is for my assignment over at  Pink Sketches..
Love because you are loved...

I am simply loving the blue and brown here...
Another one of my favorites....

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Edleen said...

hi Sham, glad you and family had a fabulous time :) that's number one and very important i believe. they're the Human Beings we ought to stick close with and hopefully mould the kids to be wonderful human beings :)

have a good week!

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your blog through another blog (Magpie) and totally agree with you about others labeling, etc. Thank you for writing that because sometimes I get stuck in a rut with things like that and reading what you wrote continues to remind me that I can't let others define me.

I will continue to follow your blog. You write wonderfully and your scrap booking is awesome!!

P.S I hope that it's okay if I quote a piece of your writing in my blog. (aka