Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Grown Up

Yes, when i looked at this picture, it hit me real hard on how grown up my little boy has become. I still remembered how i held him for the first time with his little fingers and toes, tiny button nose, small little mouth, his small litlle body all so cute and huggable. Now he is a baby no more. He loves giving me kisses and hugs all the time. Just like this picture in this lo, he gave me such a gentle kiss and i can't help but to scrap about it. I always wonder how much longer will i be the main receiver for his hugs and kisses. He is growing up way too fast and I am not ready yet! 

 I still want him to be my baby and he will always be my little Momma's boy. 

So how are you today? Hope all is well on your side. I just brought my son to see a doctor. My boy has some kind of dry skin on his scalp. I have been monitoring and it seems to be growing bigger. It started with a little white patch and now it has grown quite big. The doctor said its fungus and gave me some shampoo to try on him and some cream to apply. Hopefully all should be fine. So with that, there goes my morning today. Now i'm blogging and will be scrapping later. My girl is going out to meet her friends for small gathering. I will have to cook dinner tonite and hopefully i will finish a layout by than.

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Have a Great Tuesday Afternoon
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