Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrapbooking on the Wall

I bought 2 6X6 canvas 'tiles' where you can actually decorate them with paint, photos, fabric and many more. I'm those who doesn't really like to get my hands dirty with paint so i decided to wrap the canvas up and embellished it just like i would for a scrapbook page. I glimmered mist it, i painted a little, i distressed the edges and i also glittered it. And this is the final... Tada...

S Family
Home Sweet Home

Yes we are the S Family and the funny thing was that, after completion, i couldn't decide what to do with it, so finally i found a perfect place where it will stay for at least a while.. The wall just outside my house above the doorbell. So here it is.....

Here's the front view

and from the side

i was thinking that since i wrapped it up, i can always reuse it again and again. So let this stay here for sometime before i come up with something new. I still have another tile so i will try to get messy with colors and paints perhaps.

So friends...how's your morning so far? Hope you have a great start to your morning... Yesterday evening while i was having my daily conversation with Saj, my little one just out of the blue asked me where is Heaven?
He asked, "Mummy where is Heaven?"
I was about to answer him that and he interrupted again and said
"Is it here in Singapore?"
I said, "No...Heaven is not here in Singapore its in... and again he spoke..
"When i'm in Heaven will i be dead or alive?
This took me awhile to answer to a level of a 5year old boy to understand.
Following that he asked..
"Mummy will you die? Will Daddy die?
"If everybody die than what will happen to me and this house?
"If you die than what will happen to all your scrapbooking?"
And so i thought, this boy has really set me thinking. He makes me laugh and cry at the same time. How much can he understand about death at this tender age? How do i make him realized that whatever that is living will have to die one day. At the end of it, he really cried so much and became so emotional. Lucky me there was a new storybook and i read him a bedtime story and he went off to sleep.

Anyways...hope you have a great Tuesday ahead
Thanks for Dropping By
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Edleen said...

hi Sham! love the photos you took! and Congrats on being on another DT. whoohooo...

great creations by you always and hope to see more this year.

say hi to Saj & Abhi and have a fun week ahead :)