Saturday, February 20, 2010

MME - Lush Collection
is just so so beautiful. Some of the colors are so soft, very tender and sweet and just so yummy. Oh my goodness I just can't get enough! Help!!! I'm seriously addicted to papers,papers and more papers. Just by looking at them and having them in my hands can really make me happy. It's like being in cloud no. 9. It's like my drugs. lol. Is this crazy? Madness? Whatever you call it, but its a must have if you haven't get your hands on them yet. Because i'm so in love with the papers, and the mojo get me going, i completed 4 pages yesterday without even thinking of having my lunch! When i realised its almost 4pm , and it was time to fetch my son from school. After settling him down i continued again and ended only at 8pm. Sounds like a marathon isn't it? These are the days where I can just sit and scrap and scrap and scrap. But if the laziness strike on me, than it will be just a page a day or nothing at all. Anyways, without much ado, here are the 4 pages i indulged in yesterday....

MME - Lush Blue Floral Paper
(I used the opposite side of the paper)
You are so loved....

MME - Lush Pink Floral Paper
(I used the polka dots side)
She's Beautiful
and I'm so loving this... i think the flowers and lace complement each other.
So sweet and soft isn't it?

Here is one for my Hub....
Something yellow, orange, red and misty here and there
One flower is enough for him. lol

Here is a page i did just for me using the new G45 Le Romantique Collection.

Who i am?....
As my age is catching up on me and my life continue to progress, i began to understand who i am more and more with each passing day. I began to understand the needs and wants in life. As i began to see all the beautiful people and things around me, I have to thank God again and again for sending them my way. I am ever so thankful to people who are dear to me especially my children and my husband. I have only them to be thankful for moulding me into what i am today. I am a well-mannered person with a sense of pride and belonging and a great sense of responsibility its all because of them. For this, again, I only have them to thank to. The things that are happening in my life, whether the good or bad has helped me to build up my character to a different level and thus making me a much stronger person. It can be difficult at times but with perseverance and will nothing is impossible.
- I want to have faith and believe that everything will be ok
- I want to live my life to the fullest
- I want to be happy
- I want to care less to those who judge me, bad mouth me, criticise me and who decide for me
- I want to have no fear when facing challenges
- I want to age gracefully because aging is a privilege, not a predicament

This is who i am @ 36

G45 - Le Romantique Collection

Thanks For Looking
Have a lovely weekend
Creative Momma


LuLu said...

Stunning pages - so envious of your talent. Loved reading about you and your inspirations . . . very "inspiring"!


Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Shamma your work is so beautiful !!!