Monday, May 3, 2010

Universal Studio
has finally made its way here in Singapore. The Integrated Resort over @ Sentosa has build a Universal Studio and when i first heard about it i just can't wait to set my foot in. I'm proud to say that Singapore has done a fantastic job in bringing the Sentosa island back to life again. Speaking of Universal Studio, we actually had a wonderful time over the weekend over at Universal Studio. Hub's company organised a Family Day and they decided on Universal Studio. How cool was that. There were a total of almost 30 of us and it real fun. Despite being under the hot scorching and sizzling sun, believe me it was really worthy. The moment we spend was the most memorable and it made me feel like a kid
Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure....

This is the famous Universal Studio globe just outside @ the main entrance

The castle

Madagascar..i like to move it move it....

In a land far far away....

Saj & Charlie Chaplin

This was simply hilarious...
He was so scared of that joker above when he saw him approaching so he hide under the table just like this. lol
I can't help but to have a good laugh......

Frankenstein ( he's all rubbery)

phew... that's kind of a lot to see. I took over 250 photos and still in the process of editing some of them. I tell you, this is one good place for family bonding. If you happened to be in Singapore, do visit our Universal studio even though it's not as big as the one in States but still it's a good place to visit. For those residing here, you have to go at least once to experience it.

Ok so much of my weekend well spent, so how are you on this Monday morning? Hope you had a great start to your day. I'm still tired from walking and taking pictures after pictures. We were there almost 10 hours and we ended up with a group dinner over at Hard Rock Hotel. We enjoyed, the kids enjoyed and at the end of the day we were all so shag but happy :)

Thanks for looking
Have a great Monday
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