Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello friends
How are you today? Hope you are fine. Weather is very hot here and almost all the time i'm sitting infront of the fan when i'm at home. If it get worst like midday, i will turn on the AC for a while. I wonder what's happening to the globe... Anyways, here'a page i have to scrap. That's Saj and this photo was taken on her birthday. She has become a teenager and naturally i have to scrap this, hopefully 10 years down the road, when she
see thisagain, she will recall how she looked like on her 13th birthday :)

Papers : Melissa Frances
I love the softness of the papers, can't contain any longer so have to cut and scrap :)

Here's another exciting color palette over at Color Room
Palette #04
Family Room

This is so rich and warm and i love love love these colors. I'm a little late this week because I've been busy helping a friend in her shop. Nevertheless, i managed to squeezed in some time yesterday and completed this before their next color palette tomorrow. Do visit the Color Room and play along and join in the fun. Just like me, i'm always eager to know what their next color challenge will be :) Ok without much ado, here's my take for this week :)

because of you...
my heart is yours

That's me and Hub.
When i saw the color palette #04, i knew for sure that i want to use this photo.
This picture was taken at the new Hard Rock Hotel over at Sentosa.
This page is for you Hub.
Happy Birthday and I'll always love you.

Thanks for looking
Creative Momma


Edleen said...

Saj is turning into a Beautiful Young Lady :) very pretty layouts there Sham.

hope you're well and have a great week!

Pearl said...

sweet !!!! yours is the first layout I've seen with the new MF papers !

& a very nice take too for the Color room using autumn colors ! ;)

Happy Mother's Day !!