Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hmm...where was I....
well you must be wondering where on earth have i gone... I've not been blogging for the past week because life was a roller coaster ride since July 16 till last Friday. Moi was sick and so was Abhi. We were battling with a nasty virus that had made him so so sick that he was almost admitted to the hospital. Yup we brought him to the hospital as he was wheezing rather badly and the doctors there were on high alert when he came. Apparently, his oxygen level was way down than normal. I was panicked, Saj was teary. Sigh.... I on the other hand was down with stomach flu. Just when he was about to recover he got the virus from me and we both took turn to visit the toilet. Now.... that's the reason Moi has gone missing. Thank God all are well now. We battled with the viruses and we are now back to our normal lifestyle. Phew that period was difficult...
Yesterday i was in full geared and i completed 3 layouts in arow. Am i nutcase or what?#%$^(-

These are for...

Creative Scrapper #112, #113 & #114 respectively

Some close -up...
polka dot pink flower from Prima... i like

Another little close up for

I love the color combi here. I was a little apprehensive at first on green and pink..but oh well it turned out just nice.

Anyways....more los to complete today and will keep you posted.
Hope you have a good start to this Tuesday morning
Take Care Always
Creative Momma


Suzanne said...

Oh crikey, what a dreadful time you have all had, I was glad to read that things were now better all round.

Love all these pages btw, such glorious use of colour and texture.

Edleen said...

oh dear Sham! so glad you're both doing better and let's pray it won't come visit again.

great layouts as always!