Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspired by...
Liz Qualman's Sunday Sketch for 25th July 2010.
Here's what I've come up with. Was working on this yesterday and i really love the red here. This is Keeven once again. Him being happy and so cooperative during the photo shooting and always smiling and cheerful. Thanks Liz for this wonderful sketch :)

a happy Keeven

Just a little close up on the butterfly...

I think by now those that are following me should be realising that i'm a butterfly, swirls and flower girl.
Yes these are my favorite embellishment must have all time.

Hmm...let's see when will I be able to go for the CHA Exhibition?
This time round its over here @ Stephen's Convention Center in

Picture taken from Liz's blog. She's there for CHA. Well, I think i will go someday down the road. Just love to see the familiar names online in person, the manufactures and of course the newest and fresh from the oven products.
Well, let's see how it goes :)

So how are you friends? How's it going so far?
Hope so far so good and you had a great start to your morning.
I had cramp on my leg at the wee hours of the morning today.
I'm been stretching and hopefully it will feel much better later part of the day.
I've got class yesterday, today and back to back tomorrow @ Our Craft Place.
I'm loving every minute of it. I get to meet more people who are loving this art and it's always nice to see them being happy at the end of it.
They got excited at every end of their creation and they never knew they could do it till they try.
At the end of it I'm happy to see them smile.

So what are you waiting for?
Just smile
Take Care
Creative Momma

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Sandy Ang said...

That warm lovely red really compliments and enhances your pics. And he's adorable.

I have a giveaway on my blog if you have the time :