Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Precious moment
This is one picture that I'm sure my daughter will cherish and recall as she grows up. This is her moment with grandma (my mil)

Those corrugated board that I used was taken from my son's toy box. At first he was amused when I started tearing and peeling the excess from the board. This was when he was about to go to school one day..
Abhi : Mummy are you ok? What you want to do with those?
Me : Just you wait and see..I smiled
Abhi : Rolled eyes..don't tell me you want to use that for your scrapbooking?
Me : Yes, I told you ..just wait and see..First you need to go to school and when you come home in the evening you'll see a complete page ok
Abhi : Ok whatever....
 and so he left for school and I completed this page one afternoon..

In the evening when he came home, the first thing he asked was...
Abhi: So what have you done?
I showed him and he was so so suprised  
Abhi: Wow mummy you are so clever..this is very niceeeee.....mummy... can you do one like this with my photo? but I don't want so many flowers... Since you took my toy box, it's only fair that I have one too...

So mummy did another page... and here it is...

and that's my boy....

Thanks for coming friends..
Hope you have a great day ahead..
Creative Momma

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