Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Evening @ Orchard Road

I went down to Orchard Road last night with the hope of taking some nice photos there with the Christmas decorations and lights up.  Unfortunately, when reaching, it began to rain and i was confined in the car. Still i managed to take some shots and here they are...

Christmas light up along Orchard Road

Even though it was raining quite a bit, it still does not dampened the atmosphere there. People were walking all over enjoying the cool night. Some were busy shopping, dining, chatting, just relaxing, enjoying the view all happening along Orchard Road. Quite nice lights up and not that bad a photo taken even though the car was moving while i was snapping away. lol .

Here's a little something i did for a friend for Christmas....

An altered Frame from IKEA

Close up view of the Tussie

Thanks for Looking
Goodnight Everyone
Creative Momma

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