Friday, November 20, 2009


Yes i have been having this migraine attack since Monday!! Ughh it really really hurts. It come and go and it can even attacked me in the middle of the night while i was sleeping. Yes, in the middle of the night i have to get out of bed and take painkiller. It's just one side of my head that has that throbbing pain. I wish i have a permanent remedy for that. Oh well, whatever it is, as a SAHM there's no Medical Leave right? In sickness and in health, we work 24/7 365 days a year. That's the reason i have not been posting. Now that i am a little better(just a little) i hope to post something here.

I was all choked up with tears when i was at my daughter's school this morning seeing her receiving an award. She has grown up to be a young adult. I still remember when i first held her in my arms and now she is almost my height. She has do us proud. Her teacher came up to me and congratulate me for having such a wonderful and bright daughter. She shines among others. She has that "x-factor" that will bring her far in life. She said, " You are a wonderful mom and you have such a wonderful daughter." I was all choked up. Literally i was dumbfounded for a second before sense knocked into my head again and i thank her many many time. Her class teacher said, "I have all the confidence in your girl, she will go far." Praises after praises and thank you after thank you i am so very proud of her. With that, here are some pictures i took of her and her teacher...

She was in tears while bidding some of her friends goodbye. They hugged and they walked in silence. She sang her school song with pride for the last time and that made her cry. For me after 17 years I sang the Singapore National Anthem once again. We used to do that daily when in school. I left school 17 years ago and when i heard the Anthem again within a school compound, it brought back all the memories i had when i was studying.

Ok.... so now on the scrapbooking front, i did this for Pencillines

Supplies : 
DCWV La Creme Matstack
Prima Flower
American Craft Phrase Stickers

By the way my layout was featured this week in 52 sketches 52 weeks.
This is the second time my layout got featured there.
Thanks Julie :)

Thanks For Looking Everyone
Have a Great Weekend Ahead
Creative Momma 

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