Monday, November 28, 2011

For one of the most
inspiring blog challenge...Once Upon A Sketch. I must admit that I have missed out on some of their challenges due to some personal commitment in one way or another. Trust me I never failed to pop in their site even though I never join in the fun. But this time round I shall never give this a miss. Their journalling criteria is to write two sentences on the best thing of being a WOMAN. I thought this is awesome and before i missed their dateline again, this is mine....
A very sweet sketch from the wonderful Nadia Cannizo herself(founder of OUAS)
Thank you Nadia for your beautiful keeps me going :)
This is my interpretation....
Well the best part of being a woman for me is
being a mother..
Motherhood completed my life...
Being a mother makes me complete, it is the most precious thing in my life..
I've learned to be more tolerance, more thoughtful and stronger as a person
On being more tolerance:
When they were born, I too was born to be a mother..I developed a new perspective on life. It's a brighter outlook, driven by jubilant laughter and enthusiasm rarely found in the adult world, reminding me to always take a step back and enjoy such moments in the increasing fast pace of life. I've learned patience as I struggle to walk the fine line between encouraging their curious nature and ensuring their best safety. I've learnt to be more tolerant, watching their genuine kindness towards others...
On being thoughtful :
Their style, their creativity and their vibrant imaginations have inspired me to be more thoughtful. I can never imagined living a single moment of my life without them.
On being stronger :
Their independence has encouraged me to be stronger, their energy keeps me active and their innocence keeps me grounded. Lastly, their spirit fills me with hope.

Motherhood has thought me many things and its thanks to them for making me a better person. So there's no denying here...being a mother is the best part of being a woman. To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. Of course they make me complete being their mother but my husband makes me complete being his woman. I'm blessed. Thank you Lord for everything... 

Love Always
Creative Momma


Natalie said...

This is such a gorgeous page.
Thanks for playing along at Once Upon A Sketch.

phamil said...

Your journaling is heartfelt and your page is just absolutely gorgeous! I love your soft shades of lavendar! Beautiful page, you've done a wonderful job, and thank you so much for playing along at OUAS!

Georgia Heald said...

A beautiful page, I love your color palette! Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS =)

LG said...

Such a precious layout with awesome details!!Thanks for joining OUAS

Jasmine S said...

So great to see you had time to join us at OUAS. Your page is beautiful and your journaling is so heartfelt and positive. Beautiful work.

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Hi Shamma!!!! How are you? I have noticed that you are not scrapping as much and was wondering if all is OK! Glad to see you back!

Thank you so muchf or your kind words. They make my day!!

This layout is just gorgeous and I really LOVE the reasons you gave and also your words of wisdom! We all need to be like that!

Fantastic details and such beautiful photo!

So happy to hear you are doing well.

Thank you for playing along with us! Have a great day! xoxo Nadia.

Natalie Elphinstone said...

How very stunning! The colours are fantastic and I just love all the little details you've added!

Helen Tilbury said...

BEAUTIFUL work! Thanks so much for playing along at Once Upon a Sketch :)