Thursday, March 4, 2010

Every Thursdays
has always been like this. First thing in the morning without doing anything else i will have to go online and check what's the latest arrival at our LSS here. Like i said it's an addiction. Maybe i should call Thursdays "Drug Supply Day". I t was so funny how Saj was asking me yesterday just out of the blue she said, "Mummy are you getting your drugs tomorrow?" I was like what drugs? She said, "Your paper drugs." Hahaha i thought that was funny and i told her maybe not, i will try to resist. But you know what? Today there are new stocks on Webster's Pages, and they are so so beautiful. Now tell me how to resist? So very likely i will have to get my "drugs" soon. Before i go, just sharing with you

G45 Le Romantique Collection
Celebration of love

This looks like a wedding card
or maybe an anniversary card?
Whatever it is, i love the colors and the soft roses....

A little bit of hambly here...

Thanks for Looking
Have a lovely Thursday
Creative Momma

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Posh Designs said...

Hi Shamma! Beautiful card & LO! I really love how white pops out on a dark background! Very eye catching and oh so pretty!