Sunday, March 21, 2010

and many more flowers. Look at these little cute tub with about 70 flowers in them. Aren't they pretty? Flowers are so beautiful and there are also 5 little rose buds in it. Oh my goodness, when i saw these, i just have to grab them. I couldn't stop myself. Even the buttons are equally cute. You must see the tub, they are less than 3 inches in heights and believe me they are a must get! If you are interested, you can either leave me a comment here and i can help get it for you, it's at $12.90 per tub or you can go down over to Our Craft Place at Siglap Centre. Here they are....

Buttons - 60 pieces altogether

I told ya, it's very very small and cute
the 2 tubs all closed up neat and tidy.
and yes, easy to carry around :)

Ok so much of flowers here :), so how have you been? I've not been blogging, i was teaching a group of about 12 kids some craft lessons. I was surrounded with small people for the past three days and i had so much fun. They are so innocent, so cute and so adorable indeed. My past three days have been wonderful with them. At the end of the day, what matters most was that they were happy to be with me and enjoyed my class and of course i enjoyed their company too:)
Hope you have a great Sunday
I've not been scrapping, got lots to catch up.
Will see you again real soon :)
Creative Momma

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Edleen said...

they're really pretty flowers! and buttons too :)

glad i met you that day and you're looking great :) hope you'll have a fun week and Take Care Sham.