Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's ME time
now and I'm sitting here all alone watching the heavy downpour. It feels good to see some rain and I'm missing my Hub. He's gone away for a business trip and hope whatever he's doing he's doing it just fine:) Ok so I'm sitting here and blogging and at the same time thinking about life. My own life as it is? I'm trying to visualise the reflective of my life, the good and the bad and of course whatever good that has happened I'm very thankful for each and everyone of them. I also have my shares of the not good things that happened and are still happening around me and I'm sure it will keep on going because like i said before, there are always PEOPLE out there that like to bad mouth you, criticize, judge, decide for you and whatever nots, you name it, they are there like a hungry tiger ready to pounce on you! Sometimes, i wonder why can't people just mind their own business and live their life to the fullest instead of probing into other peoples' matter. Why oh why and I will still be wondering. On the good side, if i were to think again, the negative sources that has been coming my way, has helped me in one way or other build up my character to a different level and made me a much stronger person. For this i repeatedly thank God for giving me the strength and courage to face challenges in life. I also thank Him for protecting me and for guiding me and for helping and giving me the ability to forgive everyone everything. Life is too short to have enemies. The concept of forgiveness is a challenging one, especially when you think in terms of forgiving the person whom you are upset with. Forgiveness is a very personal inner task. It's not about telling the person or offering to them, infact it's not necessary to make the person know that he or she has your forgiveness. Instead it's about opening your heart and mind from resentment and hatred you feel. We've all had experience of deluding ourselves into thinking that evil thoughts give us some sort of revenge. The truth of the matter is, that when we feed these kind of thoughts and emotions, they do nothing than lock us into an unhealthy state of mind. When you are able to Forgive, you give yourself peace of mind, you can go about your life with feeling of serenity and gratitude again. Sometimes it's sad to say that your own family members can be seen not talking to one another for decades or even more. There are hatred for each other in their eyes. Love does not exist in their dictionary. All they have are egos and they feel that they can conquer this world with their "power". I thank God that my family evolves only the four of us. it's just my Dearie Hub, my wonderful daughter and son and of course myself. I have distance myself from people i once called siblings. I'm very happy with they way i'm living my life now. I careless. Just a food for thought, if own siblings can have hatred, jealousy, the attitude of I can't see you better than me coz the best is only mine and even back stabbing each other ? I wonder what do they mean when they said that Blood is thicker than water. I disagree because there are so much hatred with each other even till death do them part. They cannot forgive one another because they think that life is forever. They forgot the fact that tomorrow may not come. And it will be too late before you can even say Goodbye.....

Sorry it's kind of a boring photos
just my random thought
Have a great afternoon
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