Wednesday, April 7, 2010

with cards. I've been doing about 60 cards these past two days. Yes you heard it right...60 cards and another 100ish to go... Wow am i crazy or what? You must be wondering whatever for on earth is she doing cards after cards? Well actually I'm doing this for charity. This is to help raise fund for Saj's school PRIME project. We can't afford in monetary ways, so i thought, if i can help by making cards to help in whichever way i can to help raise fund, it will only make me feel better. These are some of them here and in a way it helps me to clear up my stash. Good reason to buy more when supply is It's more like an ATC.

So you see i've been drowning myself with cards and even when i go to bed, it's on my mind.
Now am i obsessed or what?
But than again, i'm happy doing these cards s so why not?
Every drop makes an ocean

Thanks for coming
Creative Momma

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Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Good luck with the cards, from what I can see they look beautiful !!