Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone..
how's your morning been so far? Hope you have a great start to your day:)
It's sunny and warm right now here in Singapore. It started to get a little cloudy and rainy usually in the mid afternoon and that's when you will feel sleepy and lazy... I'm always at home spending my time with the kids..nothing can be more precious than that. The three of us will just laze around, chat, play games,jokes and just being around each other gives us so much of closeness and comfort. It's usually In December where we get to have such closeness because of the school holidays and the festive moods all set in. My children are my joy and they are the flowers in my garden of life.. This is one silly  photo of them... especially my son..he's so funny at times.. see what he did infront of the camera...

My son is very attached to me even though he will be 8 next year. Nobody can do anything for him except me. He must have all his meals with me and will wait for my cooking patiently even though he can be very hungry. He will accompany me in the kitchen while I prepare food for the family. He is never away from me not even a meter apart. Just like now, he's just lying down on the floor while I'm blogging. He's growing up so fast and yet he's still like a baby. He does silly things all the time and never fail to bring a smile to our face. Here is one page I did  for him...
  I did some stitching and played with some color..
You are so 
kind, sweet, and
and very loving indeed...

He is also very protective of his sister (my daughter). I pray that God keep them as happy and as close and as loving always..That's their sibling love..
That's all I have for today
Thanks for coming into my blog
Take Care Always
Creative Momma

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