Sunday, December 4, 2011

In my earlier post
I mentioned that cross stitch is my first love. I 've been doing this since I was a teenager and until today it just doesn't go away. I have my latest creation i did not long ago.. Just wanted to share it with you here..sorry today's post is not scrapbooking related but its my cross stitch which took me 60 hours to complete in 10 days which makes it 6 hours per day stopping only for toilet break... Yup, I'm crazy I know but this is the result of my insanity....
these are two of my favorite letters from the name i stitched..letter G
and letter W
for whatever reason I don't know why but letter W is the largest here
and now this is the masterpiece
You see, it's all framed up already
and that's my sil name - GOWRI
and this is for her birthday next week - 7 december.
My sil is one amazing lady and she has so much love  for her brother (my husband), for me and my children. She never fail to call me at least twice a day just to ask and make sure that we are all doing fine and are in good health. Yes she calls everyday.. every single day. That's why I said she is one amazing lady. I have never seen a lady like her in my whole entire life. She has so much love and warmth in her and I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful sister in law. Her love is so unconditional and her care and concern is felt all over. I hope to be able to snap few photos of her and post it here sometime next week and I will describe more about her after that. 
So I hope this piece up there will be one of the best birthday gifts for her and as much as I like this, I know she will like it even more.. because my sister in law is one of a kind.. she's special she's unique..

Thanks for coming by
Have a great Sunday everyone
We are all going to spend time with her this Sunday afternoon
hope you too are enjoying your time with your loved ones.
Take Care
Creative Momma

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