Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm just helping 
to spread words...As mentioned, there's a new kid on the blog. It's called Scrap for Help and this is their cute badge..
It aims to unite people with different styles, to bring people closer to each other, to help promote togetherness. It's about SOLIDARITY. Right now they are having their first challenge, and the requirement is rather easy. Recycled material, and this time round you have to use bubble wraps and flags(banner) in your creation and the theme is LOVE. I just came back from their blog and saw all the amazing work of their DTs. Simply gorgeous!! Ok if you are wondering am I part of their team, I am not. I am just doing my part to help spread words. That's the least I can do. Their aim is for good cause and it's nice to do something good for others. So if you are reading this now, and wish to know more,  than hop over to their blog and read  in details what it's all about. This way you got the chance to see the take of the wonderful work of the DTs too :)

In the meantime
Have a Great Friday 
(Oh Goodness, it's Friday already!!)
Creative Momma

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